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The congregation began services in 1892, and formally organized in 1894. The first building was occupied in 1896, with subsequent building programs in 1902 and 1954. Peter Regier is considered the founding leader of the group. The congregation originated through immigration from Russia, Prussia and the United States.  ​Eigenheim was part of the Rosenort church group, but became independent in 1929. The Eigenheim church building constructed in 1896 was the first Mennonite church in the Northwest Territories. The Eigenheim Sunday School was the first in Saskatchewan.

Rosenort Mennonite Church group (Saskatchewan)
The Rosenort group of congregations began in the Rosthern area of Saskatchewan in 1891 when five families settled in the area. On July 2, 1894 Elder Peter Regier, who had come from the Rosenort church in West Prussia the year before, helped the congregation to organize. In 1896 the first Rosenort church was dedicated in Eigenheim. It was rebuilt in 1902. The next year the church at Rosthern was built. In 1920 churches were built in Aberdeen (on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River), Laird and Tiefengrund. In 1911 Hague built a church. All belonged to the Rosenort congregation.
In 1913 David Toews was elected as Elder. In 1929 Johannes Regier, son of Peter Regier, was elected as elder to assist David Toews.  Toews was commonly referred to as a bishop by the government and daily newspapers.
Eigenheim became self-sustaining in 1929. Churches were also established at Hochfeld and Neuanlage. The Osler church joined the Rosenort Church in 1931. In 1932 Saskatoon organized a congregation which joined Rosenort until 1938. Capasin built a church in 1933. Garthland and Horse Lake also became part of Rosenort. In September 1946, Johann G. Rempel was elected as elder.
In 1954 the Rosenort congregation divided into two parts because of its unwieldy size. The groups were known as the Rosenort Mennonite Church (Tiefengrund, Garthland, Capasin, Hague, Hochfeld, Neuanlage and Aberdeen) and the United Mennonite Church of Saskatchewan (Rosthern, Osler, Laird and Horse Lake). Elders Arthur Regier and Jacob C. Schmidt were ordained in 1954 by John G. Rempel to serve these groups.
These congregations now form part of Mennonite Church Saskatchewan.


Eigenheim 1896

eigenheim-church-1954 - 2010.jpeg

EMC 1954 - 2010

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